Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Smile, After The Pain

Moose Mussina and the Yankees were hungry last night. And they feasted on us. Our pitching. Our defense. The Moose pitched well. Well enough. It was a close game, way back when, near the beginning. And then the MOOSE needed food, and his thirst consumed his every fiber. And that food was embodied by the runs his teamates, chosen substitutes and aging veterans, supplied. And the MOOSE was happy. Aged, but happy. And all fans RED shuffled home, or turned off their receivers in disgust. And then........everything was right in the world. This morning, when it really counts. The sun shines, the air is cool, the trees right now drink in their sunlight, and tonight looms. And the 2 nights after tonight. And slowly, smiles could be seen creeping onto the faces of the bereaved. And I say...that is good.


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