Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Snyder Stands TALL As Red Sox Win 4th Straight


Kyle Snyder did a good enough job last night back home at Fenway, pitching 5 innings, the last 2 scoreless, as the Sox scored 6 in winning their 4th straight. And this is just the start of a beautiful homestand. For the rest of the month, we will have a 4 man rotation, and a good one at that. Off days at opportune times will allow us this luxury, as Matt Clement might begin a throwing program as early as today. A healthy Matt Clement is a fine answer to the hole in the number 5 slot of the rotation.
Our old friend Gabe Kapler started in right field last night, back again as our 4th outfielder. And the crowd showed its appreciation, showering him with cheers before his first at-bat and after scoring in the fourth. The 4th inning turned a 3-2 Nats lead into a 4-3 Sox lead, a lead that would never go away. Our bullpen performed perfectly, with one inning scoreless stints by Van Buren, Javie Lopez, Rudy Seanez (!) and Mike Timlin, who got his first save of the year with a 12 pitch 9th. This is the way things are supposed to go in nailing down a victory. Oh, and Manny hit his 453rd career homer in the 8th. Way to go, Manny.
In off the field news, J.T. Snow was let go, and Craig Hansen again called up from Pawtucket, hopefully this time for keeps. It will be great to see him in there for an inning when we need him. Another slice of youth and talent as the Yankees are finally showing their age and injuries. How nice is that!
Tim Wakefield tries to keep the winning streak alive tonight, and then it's the big three--Lester, Beckett, and Schill. And I like the sound of that.


At 6/20/2006 9:41 AM, Anonymous jonathan said...

can you believe we got a win last night...a reject pitcher and no papelbon to close it out...i am disapointed the waived jt snow though



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