Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Time For Your MULTIPLE All Star Votes!!!

Here is a long but essential article from the AP cataloging the current standings. We DO NOT want AROD to start at 3rd, but public recognition of his name is probablty too much of a hurdle for Mike Lowell. But let's do what we can. Go to, and vote. Robinson Cano over Mark Loretta????????AAAHHHH!!!! C'mom, American public. Readers, I love every one of you. Please vote, and as always, thanks for reading. If not for you, I would have given up the ghost and become a comment leaver, like I was last season. I like it here!
(AP) BOSTON David Ortiz continues to hold a commanding lead in fan balloting among first basemen for the American League All-Star team.
Ortiz is listed as a first baseman this year because the All-Star game will be played in a National League park in Pittsburgh, with no designated hitter
Ortiz leads the New York Yankees Jason Giambi by more than 460-thousand votes.
Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek still holds a lead over the Tigers' Ivan Rodriguez, while Manny Ramirez has slipped to second in outfield balloting behind the Angels' Vladimir Guerrero.
Mark Loretta is in second place for the starting second baseman spot, while Mike Lowell remains a distant second for third base behind the Yankees' Alex Rodriguez.
The All-Star game takes place on July 11th.
Here's the current tally.

First Base
1. David Ortiz, Red Sox, 1,257,595
2. Jason Giambi, Yankees, 796,146
3. Paul Konerko, White Sox, 579,666
4. Travis Hafner, Indians, 520,853
5. Chris Shelton, Tigers, 350,707

Second Base
1. Robinson Cano, Yankees, 796,204
2. Mark Loretta, Red Sox, 722,099
3. Tadahito Iguchi, White Sox, 670,547
4. Jose Lopez, Mariners, 384,890
5. Placido Polanco, Tigers, 352,665

Third Base
1. Alex Rodriguez, Yankees, 1,374,155
2. Mike Lowell, Red Sox, 650,861
3. Troy Glaus, Blue Jays, 474,506
4. Joe Crede, White Sox, 459,189
5. Eric Chavez, Athletics, 407,628

1. Derek Jeter, Yankees, 1,457,637
2. Miguel Tejada, Orioles, 1,073,827
3. Michael Young, Rangers, 407,261
4. Alex Gonzalez, Red Sox, 346,302
5. Juan Uribe, White Sox, 311,030

1. Jason Varitek, Red Sox, 831,154
2. Ivan Rodriguez, Tigers, 803,964
3. Jorge Posada, Yankees, 608,670
4. A.J. Pierzynski, White Sox, 493,385
5. Joe Mauer, Twins, 464,161

1. Vladimir Guerrero, Angels, 1,518,276
2. Manny Ramirez, Red Sox, 1,477,626
3. Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners, 996,148
4. Johnny Damon, Yankees, 956,595
5. Vernon Wells, Blue Jays, 752,422
6. Jermaine Dye, White Sox, 598,441
7. Gary Sheffield, Yankees, 535,564
8. Torii Hunter, Twins, 509,210
9. Scott Podsednik, White Sox, 508,210
10. Coco Crisp, Red Sox, 481,612
11. Trot Nixon, Red Sox, 437,693
12. Magglio Ordonez, Tigers, 427,319
13. Hideki Matsui, Yankees, 425,894
14. Grady Sizemore, Indians, 392,102
15. Jonny Gomes, Devil Rays, 272,381

(© 2006 The Associated Press. All .


At 6/21/2006 12:42 PM, Anonymous jonathan said...

I am very diappointed that mark loretta will not get to the all star game this year...he is a much better fielder than cano...and he also hits for average

At 6/21/2006 2:00 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

WHOAAAAAA....the voting is NOT over. We CAN make a difference... ..please! Robinson Cano at second base? Not in my lifetime. Thanks for the comment, guy.


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