Saturday, June 03, 2006

Youk Can Do It

Yooouuukkkk........I hear it now, echoing along New England's borders that frame Red Sox Nation. From down east Maine to Fairfield county on a monsoon-like Friday night. It was the 9th inning, and the Red Sox were down by a run, 2-1. Mike Lowell collected his 3rd hit of the night, and then a frustrated Kevin Youklis, who had struck out in his previous bat and had dropped a throw from Alex Cora for an error, launched one that JUST cleared the fence and bounced off the bullpen wall for a 2 run homer. It was 3-2, Schill was off the hook after 6 good innings, and it was Paps time. Save number 20? In the bag, as the Detroit fans had their first chance to see the MLB save leader up close and personal. In the situation where he has thrived this year. With the lead. Save number 20 in the bag. So kudos to Kevin, and to David Riske and Rudy Seanez, who held the Tiger lead to one while the visitors from Boston figured out a way to grab the lead. Mission accomplished.
In Baltimore, the Orioles did their expected "bend over and have your way with me" against the Yankees, but we knew that would happen. Our hearts and minds were in the midwest, in the Motor City. And I'm still revved up. And you know what? I like waking up in the morning, not with a yawn, but with a YOOOUUUKKK!!! I could get used to it. We all could.


At 6/03/2006 9:53 AM, Blogger Iain said...

It works even in French: "YOOUUUUUKK!" :-)

At 6/03/2006 10:57 AM, Blogger Peter N said...



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