Monday, July 31, 2006


The Angels hit Curt Schilling, early and often. Through the first 3 innings, they had 9 hits. Only 2 were singles. It was 6-1 after 3 and my night was prematurely over. I had to get to sleep early anyways, and if I saw our ace throw one more ball right in the middle of the strike zone, I might have jumped out the window. First floor window, by the way. I'm no fool. Van Buren and Julia managed to put us in a much deeper hole, allowing 4 more runs over the next 2 plus innings. Rudy was meaninglessly fine. He picks his spots well, doesn't he?
Trot might be gone for awhile. On a swing that should have been drawn and animated rather than shown live as it happened, he seemed to have hurt the muscle in his upper right arm. It did not look good. We might be seeing much more of Gabe and Wily Mo, but the thought of WM playing the Fenway right field terrifies me to no end.
And so it goes. We're tied with the Yanks in the lost column with 2 months of baseball ahead of us. We need you tonight, Boomer. And may the Indians not bunt, or things could really get cruel near the mound at our Fenway.


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