Saturday, July 22, 2006

Every Day Is A Winding Road.....Random Saturday Thoughts, For You!!!!

Yes, there are ups and downs out there. In life, yes. That’s the first thing that comes to mind. But we ride out the downs and rejoice the ups. And the same is true for blogging, even when the Red Sox are the blog subjects. And the downs can and do come even when our team is winning.
I write this blog for many reasons, but the biggest and bestest is to spread the joy of the Sox around, out there, where anyone might be. There are a few favorite people that I do have in mind when I write in this little space of Heaven, and I do hope they won’t abandon ship wthout better lifeboat support, support the Titanic didn’t have. Wow, talk about spanning nearly a century. But for those out there who do stop by, and do so more than occasionally, I thank you so much. And for any first timers, or once-in-awhile timers, hey, you made me smile just by stopping in. And I mean that from the heart. Go Sox. Turn 5 into 6. It’s easy!


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