Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Jon Jon

Jon Lester and Jonathon Papelbon combined on a one hit shutout, as the Red Sox edged the KC Royals 1-0 last night. Lester became the first rookie lefty in Red Sox history to win his first 5 decisions. And that includes someone with the odd nickname
of Babe. Babe something or other. His full name escapes me at the moment. Relying on his fastball and slider, with an occasional off speed pitch, he throttled the Royals. And Paps needed only 9 pitches to seal the deal. We go back to 20 games over .500, at 56-36. But there is more work to be done. The Yankees are holding steady at the 36 loss mark too.
Jason Varitek last night became the Red Sox career leader in games caught, with 991. Pudge Fisk held the mark at 990. Way to go Tek.
It's matinee time this afternoon at Fenway. See you at 1pm.


At 7/19/2006 9:08 AM, Blogger Julie said...

nice recap. lester and papelbon combined for a very impressive game. here's to hoping beckett will feed off lester's success and dominate today. we have to remember that beckett is only 3 years older than lester. being fiercely competitive, beckett will come out this afternoon hoping for revenge from his last start and trying not to be shown up by the rookie.

At 7/19/2006 10:53 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Thanks Jules...I missed your comments. Boy, you must have been sweltering at v'ball camp. Don't you have to be tall to be a good player? Maybe you are. It is GREAT excersise. Enjoy the game this afternoon. I will be on the computer for after-inning comments, a rarity with me. I love day games. And Hi Def. Nice to have you back. We have to hope the best for Arielle and her folks. A tough situation. I wish she was home.


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