Friday, July 21, 2006

Westward Ho!

Curt Schilling clearly did not have his best stuff. But he was good when he had to be. After giving up 3 runs in he second inning, he held the Rangers to one run over his remaining 5. And on the strength of Wily Mo's 2 run double in the 3rd and Mark Loretta's single in the 6th that plated the winning run, and with the capable 8th and 9th innings of work from Little Manny, who has become rock steady, and the always there Mike Timlin, the Red Sox cruised westward with a win in their back pockets and a 4 game winning streak to look back on. And extend, starting tonight in Seattle. We start this road trip with our 2 temporary starters, and then go back to the big 3.
Thanks to another AROD throwing error, the Sox are almost back to where they were at the All Star break, with a 2 1/2 game lead, 2 in the lost column. Let's hope for a good trip, and a good performance tonight by Mr. Snyder, who could make us all breathe easier with a good 6 innings tonight. The bullpen is rested, ready to roar. And so we go.


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