Friday, August 04, 2006

Beckett, Sox SLAMMED In 6th

Six runs in the sixth inning. 3 more home runs allowed. For those of you who are counting, like me, that makes a league leading 31. Who are we talking about? Last night's starter, Josh Beckett. He seemed to pitch 2 different games last night. The first, the one I liked best, was innings 1-5. And the 2nd, the one we all want to throw out the window, never to be seen, heard or even remembered for all of eternity, was the 6th inning, which was highlighted, or better yet, lowlighted, by a grand slam from Shin-Soo Choo. Curtains. Although if the wind had been blowing in a little less forcefully, Manny would have tied it in the 9th. But "ifs' are not good enough. And Josh, ya gotta be better than that. So goodbye Cleveland. nice to see you go.
The Sox traveled to Tampa last night, and will play a 3 game series starting tonight with Schilling, Wells and Johnson. Taking 2 of 3 would be a blessing. The Yanks continue torrid, and we're looking up at them, 2 games in the lost column away. Javy Lopez cannot get here quickly enough, although his arrival does nothing to help with the loss of captain Tek's pitch calling. That will be a continual hurt, unless he starts calling the pitches from the dugout. Is that such a ridiculous idea? Really!


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