Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Bittersweeet 3000th Strikeout

And I use Curt Schilling's term for his 300th K. Bittersweet. For after the game's first strikeout, the 3000th of his career, it was downhill from there. The cutter and the splitter were the culprits yesterday, for when off speed pitches like that stay in the strike zone, they are very hittable. And yesterday, they were hittable. Too much so. He pitched into the sixth inning, giving up 11 hits and 6 runs. Bittersweet indeed.
There is no news on Big Papi yet, and his stay in the hospital has been stretched to include today. Similar news on Manny, WMP. Jon Lester, and I could go on and on with Coco Crisp the latest to be added to the walking wounded with a strained shoulder. But we go on. And we don't give up! Fenway at 7 tonight. See you there. Standing. And cheering!


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