Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday August 18th. A Good Day?

Today's dawn was partly cloudy, with temperatures to rise from 60 degrees into the upper 70s. Not humid. Not hot, but comfortable. And it will be just so for the sixty thousand plus fans that will settle into their seats at the old ballpark in the city of Boston, the city we love. But while the weather will be calm, the mood, the atmosphere at the Fens will be anything but. Ya see, the Yankees are in town. Arod, Jeter, Torre, and the rest of the cast that we know so well. Five games in four days. First place on the line. And Jason Johnson will be the first of five pitchers whose job it is to shut down the Yankees as best they can. And their best is what we, Red Sox fans all, will need. Setting the tone, and not just for tonight's game but the entire series, will be Jason Johnson, the diabetic who will take the mound shortly after 1pm. He's looking to not rely on his off speed pitches. And Wang, the opening starter for the pinstipers, will rely on his heavy ground ball inducing sinker. Uneffective in his last start, we hope that trend continues, if only until dinnertime. We hope to wear him down by being patient at the plate, making him throw a ton of pitches. If it's not too far down in the strike zone, swing for the base hit, the line drive. Stay away from the ground ball. That's the key. That and the hope that JJ does not put us in an early hole. The key to JJ? Get out of the first inning unscathed!! No looking forward to game number two, for the mood and the air itself will become charged, lightning like, with a game one victory. And the city, Red Sox Nation itself, sits and waits, maybe nervous, certainly confident, for that first pitch. Enjoy everyone, and think of how much fun game number two will be on the heels of a Sox win this afternoon. For these games are big. The last appearance at Fenway for the Yankees at our home will be a memorable time. Let's hope we can look back at this next month with smiles, and be able to say THIS is when we started our push, our shove, to October greatness. Push. Shove. TODAY.


At 8/18/2006 10:32 AM, Blogger Julie said...

wow peter! great post. my only complaint is that now i can't write my post because you basically said everything! :)

At 8/18/2006 10:49 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

I guess great minds think alike! At the same time! Copy and paste and use it for your this morning's "before the big first game" post. You have permission. Anytime. ENJOY! Pete
And anytime you want to do a guest post at my place, all the better.....take care Julie

At 8/18/2006 11:10 AM, Blogger Julie said...

thanks peter! i'll give you credit! and a guest post sounds really fun. let me know if you want me to do one!

At 8/18/2006 11:36 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Anytime you want! And my post looks good in pink!!!!

At 8/18/2006 11:41 AM, Blogger Alex said...

What's new? I havent talked to you in a long time! I got seats really close to home plate for Saturday's game. Yay. Come to my site.

At 8/18/2006 11:48 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Alex, I left a couple comments at your blog. Can I go to the game Saturday? Just kidding, but I'll be watching, in HD. I might be able to see you in the crowd if you let us know what color shirt you'll be wearing. HD means the crowd as well as the game is sooo clear.

At 8/18/2006 11:50 AM, Blogger Alex said...

Thanks for the kind word. I missed this site, too. I am stuck at my mothers work today without anything to do, so this is a thrill for me. =)

At 8/18/2006 11:57 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

I'm happy you're happy...and I'll be on the computer between innings, at least at first.

At 8/18/2006 11:57 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

I hope you get NESN!!!!!!

At 8/18/2006 12:07 PM, Blogger Michael Leggett said...

I will be with Red Sox Faithful here in Manhattan:

I will NOT be receiving comfort from NESN;

I will be hearing "Verbal Flatulence" from YES;

I'm P----d.

At 8/18/2006 1:09 PM, Blogger Amy said...

AMEN!!! Oh, wouldn't it be great to sit back mid-week next week and think what a GREAT series this was!!! Go Red Sox!!! (Boy, I hope they win if only so you have happy things to blog about!)

P.S. Pray that my cable is back on today when I get home. It's been out for two days (not because of my whole switching thing, it's the whole neighborhood)

At 8/18/2006 1:14 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Hoping right with you! First pitch right now!!!!!!!!!


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