Monday, August 21, 2006

Gone Fishin'

First of all, I don't fish. But if I had spent the last three days fishing instead of watching what the Red Sox pass off as baseball these days. I surely would have had a better time. And that's without catching a single fish. What if they go to the west coast late tonight, and no one stays up late to watch the games? A likely scenario, at least in this household.
It was the leaking 'pen to the "rescue" last night, doing what they do best. And what's that? Why, taking a one run lead and magically turning it into a three run loss. Presto, right before your very eyes! Sights that will amaze and confuse you. Visions that are sure to make you sick! Yes, all of that and more. Sorry, I got a little carried away there. Can you blame me? Another blown save by Paps on a flare by Jeter, and a home run off would be savior Hansen that had Coco running into the outfield wall at an alarming rate. We hope he's ok. Nothing the Red Sox do in the final 40 days of the season will surprise me. I'm out of emotions.Sad but true.


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