Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terminal Velocity

The Red Sox are in a freefall, approaching the point where the friction and resistance of the atmosphere prevent an object from gaining any more speed on its downward plummet. For the human body, that speed approaches but does not exceed 150MPH. For a baseball team? Well, your guess is as good as mine. But in the case of the baseball team we love to love, we have to hope that the freefall, now 4 games in length but really dating back to the day we lost Jason Varitek, ends tonight with the ace Curt Schilling on the mound. But the way things have been going, nothing is certain. What was black is now white. A sure thing then? A question mark now. Take last night, for example. I mean, take it, I don't want it!
Josh Beckett labored through 6 long innings, throwing 3 wild pitches, a first for him. But after 6, thanks mainly to Manny and his bat, it was 4-3 Sox. Manny Delcarmen weaved in and out of danger for two thirds of the 7th, with Timlin to the rescue. Mike Timlin dodged a scoring threat in the 8th, and remained unscored upon. 4-3 to the bottom of the ninth. The Red Sox before that point could have easily scored a couple more runs with bases loaded situations, but no wah wahs here. A one run lead with Paps and 3 outs to the victory. I'll take that anytime, anywhere. We all know by now what happened to cause the Royals' first walk off win this season. Me typing them again will not make anything better or easier to take. I just hope no Sox fans stepped off a ledge or something in the latter part of yesterday evening. There's more baseball to go, but this 4 game losing streak, this stretch of unlightened and uninspired baseball, must come to a stop. Now. Tonight. For real.


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