Wednesday, August 02, 2006

TROUBLE. And that Starts With A "T" And That Stands For TEK

The Red Sox have caught the injury flu bug big time. Our captain has been diagnosed with a partial tear in his left meniscus. He needs surgery and will be out at least a month. The other walking wounded, or living dead, are Little Manny Delcarmen, whose thumb prevents him from throwing naturally, Trot Nixon, who also will be out close to a month with a bicep problem, and Timmy Wakefield, out another 3 weeks or so with a fractured rib. Veritek's absense will by far hurt the most, as he calls the game with the pitcher following his lead. This one will be tough to overcome. And we start this uphill battle in 2nd place, a place we've looked down on since Paul McCartney's 64th birthday, June 18.
The game was overshadowed by the big news. JJ overcame a shaky start to go an OK 5 2/3 innings, giving up 3 runs. If Sabathia had not shut us down, the game might have seemed more competitive, but there was a noticible pall in the shadows and lights of the stadium, as if the crowd's remote mute button was pressed. The bullpen was its porous self, giving up another 3 spot, 2 by Hansen and 1 by newly acquired Cory. Our bats could not rescue us this time.
It's time to learn to rise above these obstacles that loom large and get back into first place. And we need Jon Lester to jump start us on our way. Yes, the young shall lead us on our way back. Tonight. 7PM.


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