Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Curt And Papi. Oh My, What A Night!

Curt Schilling made his last start one of his best of the season, going seven innings and allowing 6 hits, one run and striking out nine with 101 economical pitches. He was on. Tito allowed him to warm up before the eighth inning only to pull him before throwing a pitch, allowing the 36,000 plus fans to stand and cheer, saying goodbye and we'll see you next year, Curt. Our ace.
And then there was Papi. Oh yes! Honored in a brief but sweet ceremony before the game with the daughter of Jimmy Fox and the granddaughter of the Babe, he clobbered his 54th home run in the third inning. He had two other hits, and the crowd saluted him every chance it had. It was a magical night at Fenway, the way things might have been. If only.....
We are back in second place. And we have one game with Tampa Bay left, and then the Orioles come in for the final weekend at Fenway. And after last night, sweetness abounds at our fair park. Ain't it nice?


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