Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fenway Magic, If Only For An Evening

It seemed as if we were back in June, when the Sox were riding high and doing it from first place. The good starting pitching. The capable relief. And an extra inning walk off home run by Carlos Pena. Magic was in the air. And for an instant, all the troubles of the past 6 weeks were gone as a small white flashing streak of a baseball headed out of the park. 3-2 Sox, as they play the role of the spoiler about as well as it can be played. I would like to remind everyone that the wild card cannot be counted out. 6 games can be overcome. But we're going to have to do it with a transplanted team of pitchers. So we will.
Jon Papelbon's MRI, thought to be scheduled for yesterday, was moved back to today because of the holiday. And it looks like Big Papi will be in there, tonight, against the White Sox. We need his bat. We miss his bat. And his smile.


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