Monday, September 04, 2006

Foggy Fenway Funk

The uninspired baseball continues at Fenway, or anywhere the Red Sox take the field, for that matter. In their last 14 games, they've gone 4-10 and batted .194. Yawnnnn....oh, it's early. Sorry. The way the club is playing brings out that kind of enthusism. No hitting, average at best pitching, and a whole lot of players limping around or sitting on the bench. Josh Beckett was true to his ERA, giving up three runs in 5 innings while only throwing 77 pitches. I guess Tito doesn't want to wear him down. Breslow, Corey and Burns (??) closed out this lackluster performance as the Jays crept to within 2 games of our listless and boring Sox. I could have more fun telling you the weather!
The White Sox come into town for a three game set that 4 weeks ago would have had Fenway Park humming with excitement.
No excitement, with or without humming, at this lowest of low points in the season. We can only hope that Paps' MRI goes well, but even he has hinted that he suspects something in his shoulder is torn, frayed, or amiss. Torn, frayed or amiss. Sums up this season in a nutshell. And so it goes.


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