Sunday, September 03, 2006

Forgettable Baseball.....Overmatched By A.J.

That's the key word for yesterday's game-OVERMATCHED. For the makeshift, start now sit later Red Sox offense was symied by an A.J. Burnett who was hitting his spots, in and out, up and down, fastball or slider or curve or, well, it seemed whatever he wanted to throw whenever he wanted to thrown it. So a tip of the cap is in order. We was beaten!
3's all folks. Our pitching wasn't so bad, if you thrown out DiNardo's 4 walks. It's just that the offense was off track, off stride, off balance, hell, off everything. Thank A.J. for that.
4 PM baseball today, a late start to let the rains of last night and this morning pass away to the north and east. Josh Beckett, who has been pitching well of late, tries to agravate the Blue Jays rather than the almost healed cut on his finger. Go for it Josh!


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