Friday, September 15, 2006

Manny Sits? Good Move! And We Must Not Let The Yankees Clinch This Weekend. NO WAY

I suggested just this in a previous post. This, from today's Globe, and then a comment from your writer, me....

"Red Sox manager Terry Francona said after a closed-door meeting with Manny Ramírez yesterday that ``there's a chance" Ramírez, who has been diagnosed with patellar tendinitis in his right knee, will not play the rest of the season."

Peter here, and this, if true, would be a wise decision. Why risk further injury when Manny can have his knee scoped and cleaned and be ready in plenty of time for next season, where he will be batting fourth, right behind our Big Papi? Yes, a wise move....Now it's on to New York. Where I know the team will do its damndest to not let the hated Yankees clinch while playing us. That would be ugly. And right now that's the last thing I'd like to see. Sure, they'll clinch, but they'll be playing someone else when they do. MARK MY WORDS.


At 9/15/2006 2:09 PM, Blogger Christine E. said...

I hope I hope I HOPE you are right about us being able to prevent them from clinching while we are in their house...

They need to do WHATEVER it takes to get it done this weekend... these are must win games--not for the postseason...but for the psyche of Red Sox Nation...

At 9/15/2006 4:14 PM, Blogger Michael Leggett said...

I don't think that the Yankees will clinch on this weekend:

If Manny has a ripped-up knee, he's not needed in the OF, especially LF;

It'll be nice to hear Yankee Fans groaning about a clinch on the road;

Their fans are the Whiniest Bandwagoners on the planet & when the time comes for the Yankees to end their Atlanta Braves Imitation Run, attendance in "The Toilet", both Old & New Editions, will fall by about 45 to 50%, & they'll head elsewhere.

At 9/15/2006 4:53 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

OK.........I hope we are right, Christine. Oh, and Michael, my pizza just arrived...gotta go!


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