Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More On Last Night. As A Sox Fan, And A Fan Of My Mom. Always A Fan Of Life. That's Me!

Peter here. Who else would pop up here but me? And oh yes, last night was sweet. And 6 games back for the wild card (7 in the loss) is do-able. Our rotation? Different, but who's to say they can't jell like Junket. Wow, I loved Junket as a kid. For those of you who have never heard of Junket, it's Jello with milk. Brings back memories of my Mom and her great breakfasts. And lunches. And dinners. And I just miss her so much! I do. Oh well........back to today. We will win every game we can. That sounds, to me, that we have not given up. I know I haven't. And I know the players left standing will NEVER give up. And thank you for making my blog the number one baseball blog on the baseball list Top 100.......I am so happy. And hey, kiss your Moms! And enjoy Red Sox baseball, while we have it. Thanks. For being here. I am touched.......


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