Saturday, September 16, 2006


This is why these two days of baseball are huge for Red Sox fans and Red Sox nation. Of which I am a proud lifetime member. This from a comment on Joy Of Sox, link on your right.

" These 4 games are damned huge..we Red Sox fans do NOT want the Yankees to clinch on our turf. And Yankee Stadium IS our turf when we play on it. Case closed. PERIOD."

Peter here, and OK, if you do read the great blog, Joy Of Sox, you know that the preceding comment was mine to begin with. But it says what I feel. Sure, we have no chance to catch the Yankees or the wild carders, but that's not what is important. I for one will not be able to stomach watching the pinstripers celebrate at our expense. And that's called being a Red Sox fan. For life. Forever. And I love it.


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