Sunday, September 17, 2006

Splitsville USA

The first game was a showcase for Josh Beckett. Derek Jeter, after the game, said that Beckett was the best they've seen him all year. And the bullpen backed him up. 5-2 Sox win.
The second game did not go as much to a Red Sox fan's liking, as Tavarez and the bullpen combined, rather evenly, to give up 7 runs. The Sox got to RJ for 5, but the final score was 7-5 New York. For the Yankees to clich today, they would have to take both games. No way Jose. I say let's win the first one and all the suspense will fly right out the window. Why don't we wave! Oh, and Big Papi hit well, but his base hits stayed in the yard. It would be nice to see him hit one out today. Hmm, let's say, in the ninth inning, with two men on and the score tied. Does that sound good or what? SWEET.


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