Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wet Not Wild

This game was as dreary as the wet conditions in Boston, as Tim Wakefield, pitching in front of a buzzing crowd, was battered and bruised and gone by the end of the fourth inning as the Minnesota Twins beat the Red Sox 7-3. They clearly showed why they are in the thick of a playoff race. And the hot hitter? Justin Morneau, who padded his MVP-like numbers by going 5-5. He almost singlehandedly outhit the Sox, who scraped out 7 hits. And Big Papi went 0-5. Hey, I was glad they pitched to him. He had some pitches to hit. He just didn't. Simple. The man's human.
The Yankees are one game from clinching. It was just a matter of time. And speaking of time, there are 12 hours until the start of Papi Watch game 2. Tonight at Fenway, against the Twins. We'll do it again. But this time with no rain and cooler temperatures. Baseball watching weather. Winning weather.


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