Friday, October 06, 2006

Cardinals Fly, Mets Soar, Oakland Verging and Yankees Stalemated

The playoffs have heated up with three teams on the verge of sweeps. Oakland is on their way home up two zip. The Mets, after their 4-1 victory yesterday, head to LA for games tomorrow and if needed, Sunday and Monday. The Dodgers have not looked good. Same for the Padres. And then there are the NY Yankees. Up 3-1, they lost to the Tigers as the feline bullpen came in and, with the help of the late afternoon shadows, blew them away. 4-3. Good guys win. On to Detroit for games tonight and Sunday and if necessary, back to NY Monday. And remember. The Yankee starter is RJ and his troublesome back, so we have no idea what will happen. It would be so sweet to see the Tigers take this so important game 3. So I have two words for you. GO TIGERS. Be back later with more good stuff. Promise.


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