Tuesday, October 10, 2006

FLASH At 11:36 AM This Tuesday...RIGHT NOW..Joe Ain't Going Anywhere

This from the Post, the Big Apple version...I'll be back after you read this....

EXCLUSIVE.. "After two days of soul searching, George Steinbrenner isn't going to fire Joe Torre, The Post has learned.
According to several sources, The Boss has decided firing Torre isn't the cure for the subterranean problems that plague his $200 million collection of dysfunctional underachievers who have been flushed out of the playoffs in the first round two consecutive seasons.
By the time Torre meets with the press at 1 p.m. today at Yankee Stadium he will have been assured he will be coming back for his 12th season as Yankees manager."

Peter here...I told you that if there were any breaking news, I'd be back, so smile! Get used to it...you have me all fall and winter until the sun tries to warm us, we who are here on the face of our Earth. In Bush country (shudder). And I think that if this story is accurate, and we'll ALL find out at 1 PM, it's a good thing. There are so many other "sore points/weak points" with this Yankee team as we know it right now. Joe Torre was saddled, shortly after the 2006 season started, with a string of injuries that rivaled our Red Soxs' debilitating curse of the last two thirds of the season. Many of Torre's players, those who cared enough to comment, said that this might have been Joe's best managerial show of excellence EVER! I agree. That's it, for now. Enjoy this beautiful afternoon here in the Northeastern slice of the USA. Baseball coming...in about 8 hours....smile. For me!


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