Monday, October 23, 2006

Rogers Mows Down The Cardinals As The Tigers Win 3-1

Let me say this right off the bat, no pun intended. Kenny Rogers is about as far as you can get from being my favorite baseball player. In fact, he'd be near the bottom of that list. But last night, my goodness. He was nearly unhittable. To say his pitches had movement would be a tremendous understatement. His line? 8 innings, 2 hits, 3 walks and no runs, extending his scoreless postseason streak to 23 innings, three short of Christy Mathewson's record of 27 set in 1905. Seems like it was yesterday. He could break it Saturday, if there is a Saturday game six.. The Tigers would have to sweep the three games in St. Louis for there not to be a game six, and that ain't going to happen. The Cardinals will take one of those three.......or? We'll leave that one open. Todd Jones made it interesting in the ninth, muffing a grounder that should have been the third out. But he got the save and Rogers got the win, and all is right with the baseball world. Game three will be in St. Louis on Tuesday night. I can't wait.
Red Sox news? Slim and none. I'll be back before game three...enjoy your Monday.


At 10/23/2006 10:13 AM, Blogger Amy said...

this was a great game, right up until the end when I nearly lost my mind with LOADED BASES. But, whew, they won. Now on to St. Louis. At least it will be a tad warmer there!

At 10/23/2006 10:22 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Just a Canadian air has invaded much of our country. A night off tonight, and then baseball resumes in St. Louis, where the Tigers will take (?) two of three, setting up Kenny Rogers for the win on Saturday.

At 10/23/2006 11:38 AM, Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Kenny Knew How to hold 'em & how to fold 'em & The Redbirds knew when to run away:

On Scott Rolen's Saturday Night Homer;

Endy Chavez could've Corralled it.

At 10/23/2006 11:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

// this was a great game, right up until the end when I nearly lost my mind with LOADED BASES. //

No Kidding ! I was freaking out ... I was really looking for the Tigers to get a few more runs in ... but - I will take the win ! Rogers was ON FIRE last night ...

At 10/23/2006 11:52 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

I know Michael...but it would take much more than that to make me a Kenny fan...although the Series clincher on Saturday would be a huge step.
And Novy, I know exactly how you feel. Imagine if the scenario included the Red Sox...that's the definition of going crazy. Thanks guys, for being here. I love it!

At 10/23/2006 2:41 PM, Blogger Michael Leggett said...


Go to;

Give them your e-mail address;

Get the code & copy it to your template for your blog;

Save the template & then publish it;

If the Weather Channel Icon doesn't deploy right away, then hit the refresh button in your browser.

At 10/23/2006 2:45 PM, Blogger laura said...

Kenny looked like he was about to kill someone last night when the bases were loaded. If they had lost that game...ohh boy I wouldn't want to be in that locker room!

At 10/23/2006 3:00 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Thanks ML, and Laura, you're a woman..I wouldn't want you to be in that locker room either! Tounge in cheekly, Peter!


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