Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tigers On The Brink. Redbirds Bounce Back In Ninth To Tie Series

The Detroit Tigers, behind suddenly superhero Mr. October Kenny Rogers, are on the brink of gaining entry to the 2006 World Series of Baseball. They lead 3-0 and need only to win one more. The next two games, if needed, are right in their hometown stadium. Three runs were enough for Mr. Rogers and the Tiger bullpen, and the chilled crowd went home dizzy and happy. And so did Fox, for the game was speedy and ended in time for the proper lead ins to game number two.
And that game number two was played at a cool early winterlike Shea Stadium. The Mets succeeded in getting Chris Carpenter out of the game, and the teams were tied at six going into the ninth inning. Trouble came a'calling. Billy Wagner imploded, allowing three crucial runs. As it turned out, one would have been suficient. The Cardinals tied the series at one with a 9-6 come from behind victory. The series travels without a break to St. Louis for a game today. One of two, in fact. Both of them on Fox and FoxHD. Detroit will be rocking. That we know for sure. Enjoy!


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