Wednesday, November 15, 2006

51.1 Million Reasons To Smile!

The Boston Red Sox emerged victorious in the bidding war for the services of Daisuke Matsuzaka by a large margin. The winning bid of $51.1 million dollars, refundable if they and Scott Boras do not come to an agreement, dwarfed the second place offer of $40 million made by the Mets. A lot of money? Oh yes. But between the marketing of the Red Sox name in Japan and the broadcast rights, the money will be coming back to the club many times over. That's why this was such a smart business move. And the dealing with Boras to come? There are no other teams, no other agendas, and BOTH sides want to get the deal done. Believe me when I say he'll be in a Red Sox uniform next year, and part of a possible GREAT 5 man rotation. I'd like to put one myth to bed right now. The man does not throw a gyroball, or anything like it. He relies on his outstanding offspeed stuff about 40% of the time, and has the exact same arm movement for his fastball and his slider, baffling the hitters. I cannot wait to watch him pitch every fifth day. I hope you all feel the same way. And when Boras and the Sox come to an agreement (notice I said WHEN), the Sox will then have Daisuke's services for six years. That's how it is structured. How sweet it is! Enjoy your Hump Day. Watch out for splinters on your slide to the weekend!


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