Saturday, November 11, 2006


While basking in the afterglow of Friday's events, I came up with some "upon further thought" observations on the three main topics. First, Keith Foulke. It was said in the papers that he gave this move much thought, and the one main concern which overoad all the others was his wish to play nearer to his Arizona family. As Dan Horwits, his agent, said, "Ultimately the desire to be closer to family won out." Peter here. We will miss Foulke 2004. We will NOT miss Foulke 2006. Good luck and good health Keith. You were too far from a sure thing, too much a question mark for us.
And now, the truly BIG news, the apparent highest bid for Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka (I can almost spell it without help!).We won't know for sure, but Boston's bid of $38 to $45 million put them over the top in what I think is a big way. Staggering numbers! But until the Seibu Lions announce exactly who that winning team is, and that will be before Tuesday, we wait. We wait as we smile, knowing that if Boras and the club come into agreement, with a whole lotta bucks involved, our pitching rotation one through five is ready for next year. Way to go bidmaster! Or should I say wallet holder.
And last but not least, on the uncertainty of Red Sox baseball on WTIC AM1080 Hartford. The vice-president of the Red Sox put it this way. "...our first priority would be to stay with WTIC. They're one of the longest-standing partnerships we had had on any business level." Between the Sox, Entercom, and the WTIC powers that be, this will get done, setting the stage for Red Sox baseball on WTIC, which has a signal that travels half the eastern coastline, from the churches to the jails of New England to the Carolinas. (A little Bruce lyric snuck in there...writer's privilege).
Pretty good Friday, huh? Enjoy your weekend, and if we hear anything from the Seibi Tigers, it will be right here, at PRSF. Or as it is better known, and getting better with each passing day (tell your friends!), Peter's Red Sox Forever. May your weekend be wonderful, productive and healthy. Always and forever.


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