Monday, November 13, 2006

Baseball's General Managers Meet To Set Foundations For The REAL Action To Come. OH YES!

Happy Monday to all my new and returning readers. There are many new ones! That makes me happy. When I read this upcoming blurb in the Boston Herald this morning, I knew I'd have something to say. And.......I do! Here's the Herald stuff first....and then my comments.......

"Less than a month from now, the meat market known as baseball’s winter meetings will take place in Orlando, right on Disney property. For the next few days, though, the Red Sox’ Theo Epstein and his 29 counterparts will enjoy the relatively laid-back atmosphere of the general managers meetings in this genteel and well-heeled enclave on the calm shores of the Gulf of Mexico.
Should news actually break regarding the Red Sox’ exclusive rights to negotiate with prized free agent pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka, then the tranquility will be washed away by a wave of excitement..."

Peter, me, here again. Miss me? Well, never mind about that. A "wave of excitement?" COUNT ME IN!!! Anyone care to join me riding that wave? Just keep stopping back here...entertainment, with smiling smarts. Ok, back to the matters at hand. These GM meetings are just what they are (Gee Peter, can you say anything dumber?). No, I can't. But I will explain. This is more of a sit-down, a plan session to start planning. It's like the saying goes...hurry up! And wait......but the real communication? Subtle... the feeling-out of the other teams (it's called trying to read the other team's GM's minds...wish we could) and their hidden but sometimes so real needs. A smart GM (THEO??) picks up on these nuances. I know I do, as do you who are nice enough (odd enough, lucky enough, just plain old ended up here) to read my stuff. No matter what, I treasure each and every one of you. And the news, from Japan or OUR great country, will start. Slowly at first. And then fast and furious. I have quick fingers. You have quick minds. That's a match made in Heaven. Happy and safe Monday.


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