Thursday, November 30, 2006

No News Is Good News?

In some cases, the title of this post is true. But when it comes to the ongoing DMat negotiations, which have exactly two weeks to go, no news is certainly just a day less for the two sides to negotiate. It is to everyone's benefit that this thing gets done. The Lions need the money in the very worst way. DMatt himself would "lose face" with his millions of Japanese fans should his bid for American stardom not come to pass. Scott Boras? He wants a deal so he can take his 10% (at least) cut. And for the Red Sox to go through the bidding process unsuccessfully, they would be accused of all sorts of things, including bidding so high just to block the Yankees from obtaining DMat's services. Not to mention how bad they would look to the most important people in the world, the citizens of RSN. So I will be shocked and surprised if the two sides don't come together. If Boras turns down $10 million a year for 4 years, he's nuts. That's what I think it will take. And I say GO FOR IT.
In other Sox news, Luis Alicea has been named our new first base coach, and Big Papi, David Ortiz, has won the Thomas A. Yawkey Award for being the MVP of the Boston Red Sox. For the third year in a row! We love you Papi. Your good heart and kind ways have made it so easy to love you. And we do. Big time.
In Manny news...too much...too many...all rumors. And NOT NOW.


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