Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Not Firing On All Cylinders, But Ready To Write...About J.D.Drew and Manny and DMat....

Weirdness galore this off season...and we're heading straight to the winter meetings, where all hell could break loose. So...
this from Gerry Callahan of the Herald...he is GOOD...

"Now the Sox are talking about giving Drew $14 million per year. For the next four or five years. What do they say about obscenity? You know it when you see it? Well, $14 million a year for J.D. Drew is obscene.
This is a guy who has been on the disabled list seven times in eight seasons. He never has played more than 146 games (while Damon never has played fewer than 145). He has played for three teams in the past four years - how many franchise players do that? - and they all were good, competitive clubs in relatively laid-back National League towns. The result: He has had exactly one 100-RBI season, and that was this year when he hit the number exactly for the Dodgers."

Peter here...and wow...words so true. And the signing of JDD will, it is being said, open up more options for the team we love to love to trade Manny. The team most mentioned has been the SF Giants. What the Sox are looking for, from the reports I've read, tried to digest, and then thrown up, is one major league, ready to go player, and prospects. That's it...the ACTUAL end of the sentence. What's worse is that WMP will probably play the hallowed piece of land we know as Fenway's leftfield. Hear that Yaz...Jim Ed? Oh my goodness. There's more.......I'm sorry, but I need to catch up. I hoped there would be better news, but what can I do? Get sick again? No way no how, just plain NO!
The talks with Boras(s) regarding DMat and the Red Sox have resulted in a chasm the size of a crater on the moon, and just as airless and unfriendly. Boras(s) is looking for $15 million per season, for three years or so. WHAT????? 8, 9 million for 4 is more like it. And Lugo and the SS story? Do not ask!
So on all fronts, right now, with much speculation, the Sox news is as good, as promising, as how I felt Sunday night. And you do not want to know how bad that was. A shaky late November could turn into a heartwarming first half of December....but for now? Your guess is as good as mine. Oh, it's nice to be back here with you, feeling almost human. Your "feel better Peter"comments warmed my heart.


At 11/28/2006 9:10 PM, Blogger kaylee said...

That is a lot of money.What is Boras thinking.If they get that from the sox theo and larry are insane.


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