Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Six Arms To Hold You

And those six arms belong to Paps, Beckett and Dice K. The title of this post is a take off of the original title of the Beatles 1965 second film and fifth album, later renamed HELP! The working title was EIGHT ARMS TO HOLD YOU, but then the still young 24 year old John Lennon wrote the song Help, with a little help from his buddy Paul, and the rest is history. But the six arms in this case are part of the valuable trio of young guys, young guns who make up 60% of our 2007 rotation. Read on....I'll be back....this from the Herald......

"To build a championship team, you start with a pitching staff made up of young power arms. With Josh Beckett, Jonathan Papelbon and Matsuzaka, the Red Sox now have three 26-year-old right-handers who have the potential to win the Cy Young. None of the three is eligible for free agency until after the 2010 season.
The fact is you can find a closer. You can trade for a closer. You can even make a closer. Twenty-six-year-old starters are the most precious commodity in the game."

Peter here. And don't forget our number one guy, Curt Schilling. And his bookend, number five starter, "old-timer" Timmy Wakefield. And our newly and "thank you God" healthy young talented youngster Jon Lester. A full house, aces over kings. And a wild card makes six. An imposing and possibly history making six pack. Backed by great defense, although not quite like last year's, and a bullpen that is nearly complete, the Red Sox will compete. Compete? We might ROAR! And if the horrid injury bug that infested the team last year does not rear its ugly and dreaded head, then we'll be just fine. One more piece, Theo.......let's not MAKE a closer, let's get an established one, even if he costs us WMP and cash, and more. An ace closer, with the rest of the bullpen and the "fab five plus one" would be catastrophic for the rest of the league. And that means smiles and leaps of joy for us, all summer long. As another guy whose songwriting peaked to unbelievableness in 1965, Brian Wilson, sang in the leadoff song for 1965's landmark LP "PET SOUNDS, "WOULDN'T IT BE NICE? I can answer that! Oh yes.......


At 12/19/2006 1:14 PM, Blogger ~**Dawn**~ said...

i was just noticing on the Red Sox depth shart on their site that they are listing six starters... interesting. very interesting.

At 12/19/2006 1:44 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

I know..shades of last year!

At 12/20/2006 11:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

as long as it's not an omen that we will *need* six starters. =P actually, i'm just relieved to not see Clement's name listed on the depth chart. =/


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