Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Start Of Winter, And New Windows For The Bedroom

Today is December 21st, and winter officially starts at 7pm. If December ended today here in Connecticut, then December 2006 would be the warmest December since records began, roughly 100 years ago. Today will be another day in the abnormal but so nice warm 50s, where normals are 37 degrees and 22 degrees respectively. All the temperatures are in Fahrenheit, of course. And I'm lucky that it IS so warm. Why? Read on. Because I told you that to tell you this. Don't leave me now. And yes, there is NO baseball in this post. But there WILL be in the next.
I live in a condominium complex, so-called luxury condos built in the middle of a golf course amidst a small showcase of woods-like trees. It's very nice. Away from all the sounds of traffic and civilization. And every year the condo board has foot the bill for the replacement of windows, crank style windows that open up from right to left rather than the vertical, lift it to open it, style. Well, they've aged, and my two bedroom windows, floor to ceiling type, were due to be replaced in the mid-fall, as is always the case here. But due to "this, or that," mid-fall turned into today, in about 20 minutes. These new windows are the triple insulated type, so the bedroom will be even toastier than normal. Once winter decides to rear its cold shivering scowling head, I'll be ready! For now, the heating bill has not been a harbinger of a fainting spell. Not yet. But Mother Nature has a way of getting even. I will not be surprised when (not if) that happens. But for now, I'm waiting for that knock on the door, (yes, we all have our own entrances....they're called front doors here in the northeast. And each unit is its own separate entity. I wouldn't live here if that wasn't the case) bringing the new windows to my second floor perch, a perfect place to gaze upon a soon-to-be-white winter wonderland. But hold off on that snow and frigid air for a couple more weeks! My Natural Gas bill is due any day!
I'll be back with some Red Sox baseball news. If there is any. If not, I'll make it up.

P.S. Thank you "you-know who," for the inspiration for this post. Sign that "Silly Me."


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