Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bizarre Early Saturday Morning Weather!

It's 6:39 AM on this not yet sunlit Saturday morning, but somehow it feels different. Where is the deep pulse of the furnace kicking in to provide life-sustaining heat? One look at the thermometer and the answer is obvious. You see, it's January 6th, and the normal high temperature is 33 degrees F. The normal low is 17 degrees F. And right now in downtown Hartford, just 12 or 13 miles from here, the temperature is 58 degrees! And the sun won't be up for another 35 minutes or so. We have one degree to go before tying the high temperature record for the date. That's 59 degrees. We'll hit that before 8 AM! The alltime high temperature ever recorded for the month of January, 70 degrees, is in peril. I've never seen anything like it.
The golf courses will be crowded, the bicycles will be out in force, their riders sweating in the spring-like air, and that money-gobbling furnace will remain mute and invisible. January? More like early May. And I like it. Oh, a chance of snow for Thursday night. Back to reality, I guess. But spring training looms ever closer, day by shining day.

Oh, and again, click on this post's title for the latest "right now" weather conditions...this is Peter at 8:30AM. And whenever you run your cursor onto the post of any title here at my blog from today onwards, for I just discovered how to enable this feature, and if it turns to white or something (?), click on it for the original article, or something I thought was important and pertaining to yet another Peter post. Geez, this guy never shuts up! Oops, that's me! And always try to click on any post title...I'll do my best to leave the link for the most important source.....from anywhere! And as always, thanks for being here. You make me so happy. Now if we could get a LITTLE sun here, the temperatures will rocket up to springtime delightments. And that's why I added a link to my favorite and most local NBC affiliate...NBC30. The only NBC station in my small but punch-packing state of Connecticut. Try'll see. On this post's title...and GET USED to it! Take care my friends.


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