Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bonds To Red Sox!

Nah! But I got your attention! Murray Chass of New York Times fame and a famous Red Sox hater wrote a column, linked when you click on the title of this post, about Red Sox fans and how they reacted to what was a throw-away joke line in a previous column. It has to do with the prospect of Barry Bonds coming to the Red Sox to play left and moving Manny to Fenway's spacious rightfield. A recipe for disaster? In my view, YES! Was he being serious? Read the article by clicking on the title of this brief post.
Thank you, EVERY ONE of you, for your kind wishes from yesterday. It's nice to have such good readers, and great friends.


At 1/23/2007 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

youre welcome we are always here and yes that is a recipe for disaster:)

At 1/23/2007 1:42 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Good answer!!!!! It was a funny article by Chass that I hope you read. Didja?

At 1/23/2007 1:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's no wonder he's called "The Chasshole."

At 1/23/2007 1:50 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

But he's been so much more "Chassholic" than today's piece....but your words fit. I find him amusing in a pinstriped clueless sort of way!!! I actually feel sorry for him....mayyyybe.

At 1/23/2007 10:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes i did:)

At 1/24/2007 12:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TJ by chAss.

I've also used the 'Bonds to Sox' attention grabber, although I did it on a post that actually had nothing to do with Barry:

At 1/24/2007 6:59 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

I read it Jere...after I wrote this one.

At 1/24/2007 7:01 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Jere, I was wrong...I had never read it until pasting the link...thanks! Good stuff (as always) If there are any of my readers who don't read Jere's blog, it's listed with my links under Red Sox Fan In Pinstripe Territory. It doesn't get any better!


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