Friday, January 26, 2007

More Drew Thoughts.....

I was in a hurry when I wrote my last post, an early morning "before the sun wakes itself up to shine on us" type of post. Not that today isn't beautiful. But the sun, the type of sun which "looks like the its rays have warmth amidst their yellow beauty," but do not, is only there for that beauty, not providing warmth. That's OK, it's late January!. But I'm home now, having accomplished everything I had to do on this early Friday (!!) morning, and then I had a 9AM Doctor appointment, just an "every three month" meeting with my doctor, the guru of diabetes of all kinds. And I'm fine! Although my body does not make insulin, and hasn't for the last two and a half years, I'm controlling my sugar by myself! Five finger sticks every day, to check the glucose (sugar) level, and a shot of insulin three times a day (with meals, because when one eats, that's the normal time a body, from the pancreas, would introduce insulin into the body, to help the body use the sugar contained in one form or another correctly.) And then one last shot, of long-acting insulin, for overnight. Taken before my sometimes early bedtime. I know it must sound like a hassle, but, as Bruce Springsteen wrote and sang in his 1987's song, from the CD of the same name, TUNNEL OF LOVE, an album about he and his wife, and the events leading to his divorce, well, he said this....."You have to learn to live with what you can't rise above." And I say..... WATCH ME RISE. And I have been! NO THANKS to our President, George Bush, and his archaic approach to stem cell research. Boob, idiot, dolt.

Wow, what was I going to say?? Oh, that's right...I'm glad you all have patience, for sometimes I go on a tangent. JD Drew, and this a more specific JDD update. And then I'll be back...........and this is from the Herald, linked when you click on this post's title.

" The deal (JD Drew) is far more complicated than anyone foresaw when Drew’s agent, Scott Boras, said at the winter meetings in Orlando on Dec. 5 that the deal, worth $70 million for a full five years, was done.
Because the Red Sox are concerned that Drew’s surgically repaired right shoulder could pose a problem in the last three years of the deal, the club insisted on protecting its investment by having an out clause, or a voidable contract.
For the first two years, the deal is standard, with all the money guaranteed. Beginning in the 2009 season, however, if Drew sustains a baseball-related injury to the shoulder that will require a disabled-list stint of more than 15 days and fewer than 40, then the Red Sox will have the right to void the last two years of the deal.
If the DL stint occurs in the fourth year, the Sox can void the fifth year.
While Drew’s injury history is long, the club feels it is signing an essentially healthy player. There is no current problem in the shoulder, the Sox believe, but there are enough warning signs that the condition could deteriorate in the coming years."

Peter here, and yes, our Red Sox front office not only protected themselves, and at the same time protected us, RSN members strong, they proved to us all that the exhorbitant 5 year deal is contigent on many things. Anotherwords.....NO DAMAGED GOODS WILL BE TOLERATED! And the reason for the delay between the initial JDD announcement and this, the final annoncement? Well, Scott Boras(s), when you deal with our Red Sox, you ain't getting by with ANYTHING. So, in fact, we put the screws to Mr. Boras(s) yet again during this '06-'07 off season. And readers, we did great, didn't we? An ace starter and a rightfielder who will be far more effective at the plate, and who will be holding down the number five spot in our great looking batting order. Dare I say Mikey Lowell will follow him at lucky number six. Or something like that. And watch out for Mr. Lowell this year. He will remain a vacuum cleaner, Oreck or not, at the hot corner, and he'll dazzle us just the same as he did last year, with his glove AND his bat. Sooooo...

I had to start a new paragraph. This is that type of paragraph when I wrap things up, thank you for reading, remind you to click on the title to access the original article, and then thank you all. Does that sound like me? I think so! And I do thank very much. Healthy and happy weekend, but you'll hear from me all weekend long. Get used to it! I know I am. And I love it!


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