Thursday, January 25, 2007

A New Bigger And Better Fenway Park

From the Herald......and then a comment. The entire Herald piece is linked by clicking on the title, but you'll have more fun reading me! And THEN clicking!

BOSTON - "The Boston Red Sox [team stats] will be able to squeeze several hundred more fans into Fenway Park [map] for each game this season.
Other improvements new for 2007 include:
-a new “Bleacher Bar” under the center field seats, in the area formerly occupied by the batting cages, that would open during the season.
-a new women’s restroom on the third-base side and renovations to the men’s room there that was built with the ballpark in 1912.
-vending machines that will allow fans to buy public transportation tickets, called “CharlieCards,” inside the ballpark.
-a new stairway to ease congestion behind home plate, resurrecting a plan from 1934 that allowed fans to go directly from Yawkey Way to the grandstand seats,
-cup holders for the field box seats,
-new escalators to the luxury club."

Peter here, and a new and bigger Fenway Park with a brand new restaurant (it's not just a "bleacher bar---it's a full restaurant) under the bleachers that will be open all year long are nice things. But I know what would be best for Fenway-going Red Sox fans, or the Sox fans who love to watch or listen at home or on the road. And that is a winning team. A first place team. A "play in October" team. We have a rotation that is the envy of most other teams. When the JD Drew rightfield position is all set, as I assume it will be, our lineup, top to bottom, will be an imposing one. The bench? SOLID. The glaring, yes GLARING weakness continues to be the bullpen, the 'pen as it is right now. I guess we'll learn so much about that group of closer-less guys, some of them with unlimited potential, some on the tail ends of their careers, during spring training. And it will be a scary time, because if someone fails to step up and become "that guy," there will be precious little time for a fix. That guy, the go- to guy. The one in whose hands the ninth inning of so many one-run Sox leads will rest, the guy we haven't met yet. That's him...we all know what he has to do, we just don't know his face! Please step up and shine. For without you, we're a third place team. And that's something NONE of us want. Or would tolerate. I think I speak for most of us.


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