Monday, January 22, 2007

Pats Fall To Relentless Colt Offense

By the second half, the defensive line of the Patriots were huffing and puffing. They were wounded and tired. And the halftime lead disappeared more quickly than an ice cube at the beach. It got so bad that the last three offensive plays were running plays, smack through the wilting defensive line. And suddenly, it was over. The game. The season. The year.
The Colts will meet the Bears in Miami's Super Bowl. I have to root for the Bears, but I really think this is Peyton Manning's year. He showed us that yesterday. Thanks for a great season, Patriots. It was fun.
Oh, click on the link of this post for Jeff Jacobs' Hartford Courant column on the game. He is always entertaining and always one of my favorite sports writer. I will link many of his articles during Red Sox '07. Thanks....if I find anything baseball-related, I'll be back on this mournful Monday.


At 1/22/2007 8:18 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Michael, regarding your comment from yesterday, I think this is Peyton's year, and I am certain they will wipe the Bears into literal dust. After all, the game is in Miami..the dust will blend in. And Fenway Blogger, your comments were great too, as always!
Monday mournful Monday, but the Colts wore out our defensive line in less than 2 quarters. They deserved the win. Thanks everyone!

I just had to write a long letter to, with dates and IP addresses and screen names about the commenter who has be profanely rude here. I will not name him because I have to respect his privacy. That's what I was told from the powers-that-be, but you probably know who I'm talking about. And the blogger people said all his comments, from now on, will be tracked and read by their legal people. I did not want to do it...I was forced. I'm a peaceful guy who would never harm a fly. I'd just open the window and let him back outside. If only he would just leave, it would make my life so much better, and my readers, some as young as 15, ALL so great, would not be subjected to his ugly profanity and negativeness. He knows who he is...please leave. That's all....there are so many other blogs out there. This is a tough time in my life having just lost my Mom. Have a heart...I KNOW you have one, and just go. No reply needed, you know who. Please just do a nice thing in this life we all have, AND GO!

At 1/22/2007 5:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was disappointed too:)


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