Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Long Year Of Manny Being Manny??

This from today's Hartford Courant. Why am I not surprised? The entire article is linked with the title. Click on it.......

" Today is the reporting date for position players at Red Sox spring training camp. So, naturally, there is almost no chance Manny Ramirez will be seen around here for at least a week.
His close friend, reliever Julian Tavarez, said Ramirez will arrive March 1, the last day players can report to spring training without penalty under the collective bargaining agreement."

Peter here, and this news came down from Manny's personal media spokesperson, none other than Julian Tavarez, who is the only member of the club or the media to have spoken with Mr. Ramirez. He assured all that Manny, who is taking care of his Mom, who had an operation to remove a non-cancerous mass, will be IN CAMP on March 1st. We have to believe him. Manny being Manny before the season starts? It's happened before. I have to hope one thing. With the tremendous make-up of the 2007 club, all it would take is one key player whose heart is not in it, who isn't ready to go 100% on the field and off, to derail everything. Manny being Manny? Looks like it, but Manny, come March 1st, be ready to play. The team needs you.


At 2/21/2007 2:47 AM, Blogger John said...

This time last year, Manny arrived a week late as well. Did his ST and early season performance suffer? Not a jot. Why? Because, despite all the knocks and jibes, and despite the laid back, couldn't give a toss attitude, Manny's a professional athlete who keeps himself in shape and reportedly works out with more dedication and application than the majority of his team mates.

That's the Manny being Manny I like to see. And, as I've almost said here before, and as LBJ said in another context, I'd much rather have him inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in.

At 2/21/2007 6:54 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Great LBJ quote....I wonder which way the wind was blowing!


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