Saturday, February 03, 2007

Off-Season Heros......From SI

Wheeling and dealing, hush-hush negotiations resulting in hot news flashes splashed throughout the legions of fans of all the MLB teams, including, yes, our very own Red Sox. Here are a few examples culled from the John Heyman SI piece, and as always you can read the entire article by clicking above, on the title. Enjoy!!

4. "Theo Epstein, Red Sox GM. Not only did he make the right move in making the big $51.1 million bid for Daisuke Matsuzaka, who's said by most to be even better than Zito, but also he upgraded in right field and shortstop and found time to elope. Though apparently father Leslie, the head of the creative writing department at Boston University, was pulling a prank when he said Epstein was married by an orthodox rabbi at Nathan's Famous on Coney Island. Of course, how silly. Everyone knows most rabbis prefer the dogs at Gray's Papaya. (Peter here..I'll have to try 'em!)

5. Roger Clemens, free-agent pitcher. He told us the other day at St. John's University, "I'm failing at retiring." Well, maybe so. But that's about the only thing. Four years after his fancy farewell, he again has three teams chasing him. The Yankees still look like favorites over Boston and Houston to pay him a pro-rated $23 million salary from June 1 on (about $15 million). That beats collecting social security. (Peter again. Roger, if you go to New York, you're dead to me, forever.)
Psst, I still think he wants to close out his Sox career the RIGHT way. Stubborn me? Oh yeah!

8. Boras. He got Zito his money, and much more, after getting an absurd $70 million for J.D. Drew. Not to mention the $52 million he got for Matsuzaka, which was exactly 20 times greater than his last contract ($2.6 million for 2006) and will be a record for a Japanese import for a long time, barring an overhaul of the archaic posting system. (Peter, because I had to say something.....Scott, you were outclassed TWICE this off season, you money hungry greedy man. Think twice when you deal with MY team!)

Peter here, and those are only three of the 25 INDIVIDUALS selected by SI's Heyman...the ENTIRE article is worth reading. As always, just click on this post's title. And yes, Theo did well, in his wedding bliss and in reshaping a team that was so beset by injuries last year that we almost KNOW it won't happen again. But as in the weather, things tend to even out from year to year, and I hope our Sox are rid of that nasty little nuisance called "the injury bug." To the best of my knowlege, there is no preventative medicine or an annual shot that the doctors have developed. We needed it last year. Let's hope this year is one where injuries play a minor role. The players would be able to play up to the standards dictated by their talent. How nice would that be?? Realistic? has it's own way of curve balling or knuckling, changing the norm into something new, sometimes unwanted, other times a true blessing. But you know me...I ALWAYS look for and search for that bright ray of hope, that gleaming warm ray of sunlight. And I'll find it with our 2007 Boston Red Sox. Try and stop me. Impossible!! That's one reason why I THINK so many of you like it here. Other than my unbelievable personality (Ha ha) and great looks (OK, I'll give me that one!), I think it all boils down to this. My love for the Boston Red Sox has NO bounds. Unconditional and for life devotion. Join me as we approach what might be the magic '07.
As always, thanks for reading, enjoy your weekend, and be healthy and happy......I don't know what I'd do without you. And that's the truth!


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