Thursday, March 22, 2007

Daisuke Matsuzaka Humbles Pirates

Daisuke Matsuzaka lived up to his previous billing yesterday against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirate players would be the first to climb on his bandwagaon. Read this, from the Courant. I'll be back with a comment too. And title click for the entire glowing article......

"Long after they had faced Daisuke Matsuzaka, Pirates hitters were studying the videos, not to try to figure out how to hit him, but just to identify what it is he was throwing.
"That may have been the most effective pitching I've ever seen, using that many pitches," said center fielder Chris Duffy, who played his Little League ball in Manchester. "He threw me a changeup, I think I said `wow' while I was swinging. It was definitely a war out there."
"He's as good as advertised, I guess," said All-Star Jason Bay, who struck out twice. "He has three or four pitches he can throw for a strike any time he wants, three or four pitches that are all well above average. It's tough to look for any one thing."
The season is approaching, and Matsuzaka, in a game televised on ESPN, gave hitters and fans alike a preview of what is about to be unleashed on the major leagues. The Red Sox's $103 million investment did not disappoint, holding the Pirates to one hit in 5 2/3 innings and walking off to a long standing ovation at McKechnie Field, the highlight of the Red Sox's 7-3 victory Wednesday.

Peter here. Sweet words indeed. I was unable to watch the game, but now I wish I had recorded it. I guess the sports pages and Sportscenter will have to do. But wait until the season starts.....I won't miss a single one of his starts. I guess that goes for most of us!
I'll be back later on this Thursday morning. Each passing day grows a little warmer, and the promise of spring becomes more and more real as the days slide by. And soon, a faint voice will echo around the stands, and in a loud voice amplified by tens of thousands of screaming fans, will come the words.....'"PLAY BALL!"


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