Friday, March 16, 2007

Trade Talks Might Still Happen.....Soon

The rosters are set. Right? Not by a long shot. Another week or so and some of the teams will be ready to tinker, including our Red Sox, maybe. Read this from the Globe, and then a comment from me. And title click for the whole darn piece.

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- "Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein figures that sometime next week teams will begin to assess their rosters and trade talks could begin to escalate.
But for now, Epstein isn't anticipating much to happen. And yesterday he shot down reports in Bay Area newspapers that the Sox were eyeing the Giants' Armando Benitez as their closer.
The problem with Benitez, besides his extensive injury history, is a $7.6 million price tag.
"It's too early to tell, but yeah, I don't anticipate anything big," Epstein said after the Red Sox were handed a 3-2 loss by the Pittsburgh Pirates. "We'll figure something out with the guys we have here. It's too early to tell. We just want guys to get ready for the season. I think the last 10 days, if they're pitching well, we can start evaluating them."

Peter here, and by "the last ten days..." Theo meant that the specific roles for the crop of hurlers doomed....oops.....DESTINED for the 'pen have not yet been defined. They will be, one way or another, and soon. What do I see right now in the middle of March? I bunch of mid to long relievers, with two true one /two inning guys who would be perfect for 7th and 8th inning duties but who also have no closer experience. Zero. Nada. None. Less than zero. A big fat gross obese goose egg. Like Theo, I need more of a look, but I DO know one thing, and Theo knows it too (he sure should!). THE guy who will be our once and future closer has not stepped forward, thumped and puffed out his chest, and screamed "I'M YOUR MAN. The season is saved, Red Sox Nation."
I'd love to have video of that proclamation. But until that sweet day when it becomes plainly evident to Theo that something must be done, the club is in a "wait, observe and judge" mode. That's OK for now, but in 8 or 9 days, time will beome measured by days instead of weeks, and the 2007 regular season will come rushing up faster than a Nolan Ryan fastball to a blind batter. We have to be ready. 100% ready.
In my next post, this is what you'll read about. There is a big Nor'easter approaching the northeastern part of the country. It's snowing right now in NYC and the southern third of Connecticut. Not a flake yet here, unless you count me, but this afternoon it will pour down snow. And this huge (in terms of area and the amount of moisture, in whatever form, it will leave behind) storm will be the subject of my next post, number 999!! Appoaching a goodness! Thanks for sticking along with me for the ride, for I couldn't have done it without you. Nor would I have wanted to.! And click on the title for the original article, including video.


At 3/16/2007 8:52 AM, Blogger Michael Leggett said...

& I have a Parade to march in, on 5th Avenue, TOMORROW

At 3/16/2007 9:14 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

And it'll be fine..this whole double barreled storm system that is marching up the coast, the hint of it that we are seeing now....will make for a wild afternoon...tomorrow? All gone. March on. I'm just writing my "FF" post...that means first flakes, for it just started, innocent until it gets scary. Stop back in a couple minutes as I put on my "meteoroligist hat" and write a post. Take care!


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