Monday, April 30, 2007

An Email From "Superbowl"....A Japanese Blogger And A Fan Of Hideki "The Darkman" Okajima...And My Friend

This is Peter on the Monday off-day. And I just received this email from Japan. I wanted to pass it along to you.......
"It's Great! His (Hideki ("the Darkman" Okajima) scoreless innings lasts !

By the way
Most of Japanese Media is following Matsuzaka, but at last, A program
featuring Okajima was
aired on NHK(Japanese state channel)
This 60 minutes program is mainly about the secret of his unique
"Looking down" delivery.
He's been adviced that change his pitching form because of lacking of
control until He met Y
omiuri Giants coach Katori
Katori didin't force a change but made it progressed using a PC
So He got good control and nifty curveball.

In this program, Okajima's wife confessed thatI in contrast to the
Dice-K, When he decided to contract with Red Sox, people said that if Okajima could Play in
MLB,anybody could be a Big Leager...

I also check Boston Globe and found new article about him.

Thank you good news, sorry bad bad english of mine."
May The Darkman guide you and Redsox

PETER here, and thank you Superbowl. The Darkman HAS been good to us, and you! And Red Sox fans the world over are united in peace and love. Everywhere. Forever.
OH, this is from Baseball Prospectus........

Top 5 2007 AL Bullpens

Team, Inherited Runs Prevented.....ERA.....

Minnesota Twins, 1.5, 2.63
Boston Red Sox, 3.1, 2.15
Chicago White Sox, -0.3, 1.45
Texas Rangers, 1.9, 1.42
Cleveland Indians, -3.3, 1.42

2.15! I like it!!!!!


At 4/30/2007 10:00 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

Thanks for sharing Peter. I love the way he closes with "May The Darkman guide you and Redsox." Awesome!

At 5/01/2007 6:49 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

You're welcome Kristin. Just the fact that you check in and read and comment makes my every day!!


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