Monday, April 09, 2007

Schill Plus Papi Plus Paps Equals VICTORY

Yes, that was the formula for victory yesterday. Schill went 7 quality innings, giving up a first inning run. Papi bashed 2 home runs to the same exact spot. And after would-be closer Joel Piniero provided uneeded drama by loading the bases in the 8th, and imagine if he WAS our closer, Javy Lopez recorded the first out, barely, of the inning and then Terry Francona did what he said he would not do. He brought in Paps to record the final 5 outs, which he did with 15 electrifying, mesmerising and overpowering pitches. This is from the Courant, but I linked the entire Boston Globe article, for its sheer on the title. You'll like it.............

"Summoned with the tying run at third and one out (in the 8th), Papelbon struck out the dangerous Michael Young on four pitches, then popped up Mark Teixeira on the first pitch to preserve the lead.
The ninth inning was more of the same as Papelbon went 12/3 innings to save Curt Schilling's first win of the season, a 3-2 victory over the Rangers before 28,347 at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.
"He was devastating and we needed every bit of that," Francona said. "We needed to win tonight. That's not how we drew that inning up. Paps is our guy, but what he did against the middle of that order, you're not going to see that very often. I don't care who it is."
Papelbon had not pitched since Thursday and the Red Sox are off today, so going to him for more than one inning was not a concern."

Those words do not do his pitching justice. No words can. But seeing is believing, jaw-dropping amazement mixed with sheer wonderment. When he's throwing like that, free, clean and easy and hitting the outside of the black, the VERY outside, he is the closest thing there is to unhittable. In Curt Schilling's own words......

"You just can't understand how unbelievable that is," Schilling said. "You just can't. Until you're on the mound, you cannot understand that there aren't very many guys in the history of the game that can do that."

Peter right here, and don't those words make you smile? I'm smiling right now as I read them. A ear to ear face-encompassing smile. Paps....'nuff said!
So the Red Sox arrived in Boston, ready to sleep in their own beds, in the wee hours of this morning. And the day off today will be greatly appreciated. Tomorrow the Mariners come to town for what promises to be a chilly 3 game set. Beckett, Daisuke and Wakes will be our pitchers as we try to sweep them. Wednesday's game will feature hordes of international media representatives, as Ichiro comes to town to face his fellow countryman.
Enjoy the day off, and have a good Monday. A 3-3 road trip? We'll take it. All the starters except for Tavarez, who won't be in the rotation when April turns into May, pitched well. Fenway here we come! And come Tuesday afternoon, shortly before 2, the celebration of the Cardiac Kids of 1967 begins. The home opener, with 36,000 plus Sox-loving fans standing, cheering and showing all the love that's possible for a team that could be SO good. This year. OUR team! And the team that brought our hearts to a standstill...all those years ago. And I guess right now this word comes to mind. FAITH. I have it. You have it. That's why they call us RSN.
1967? 2007? We're still here, and loving our team. And I'll say it loud. And proud. RED SOX FOREVER. And we're just getting started.


At 4/09/2007 10:57 AM, Blogger Jess said...

That eighth inning freaked me out something fierce.
Glad they wised up and put Pap in early.

At 4/09/2007 11:51 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Hi Jess. And wow! Piniero as our closer? Thank goodness NOT.
Great to hear from you.....and Paps? All I can say!!!!!!
Be well....a much needed day off today, made better by your comment. Peter

At 4/09/2007 12:03 PM, Blogger John said...

Hope they don't wear out Pap. Tomorrow is a day game, so you have to sneak out of work or school early...

At 4/09/2007 12:11 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

I know....2pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it's work! Until, oh, say about 1:25. Thanks John!

At 4/09/2007 12:20 PM, Blogger Sammi2u said...


Love the site!!! The game was great had me chewing my nails once or

At 4/09/2007 12:38 PM, Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Curt Awke from His Slumber:

Piniero needs to be held by his ankles from The Monster;

& Paps was Lights Out.

At 4/09/2007 12:39 PM, Blogger Michael Leggett said...

& Papi still slams them

At 4/09/2007 12:42 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

Hi Peter! Pap was awesome last glad that Piniero is not our closer. Pheww. Can't wait for the Home Opener tomorrow!

At 4/09/2007 12:52 PM, Blogger Suldog said...

Nice to see Schilling have a good outing. I now officially have hope for this season!

At 4/09/2007 1:16 PM, Blogger Bosox Fan in Wichita said...

Hey Peter, thanks for the good post on the '67 Sox yesterday ... that brought back a flood of memories.

Great game last night ... Papi supplied just enough fire power behind great pitching (except for Piniero - doesn't he know he's supposed to throw strikes?!?). Glad to see Schill back in good form & Paps was just lights out, storybook great!

I was glad I got to see Paps live & in person at his first outing in KC. Watching him & Daisuke at the ballpark was a blast. The victory just assured that my son & I had a good time. The Japanese press were all over the place, but I declined any interviews.
Now we can get ready for the opening at the friendly confines & hope that Josh can continue his tough pitching. Go Sox!

At 4/09/2007 1:30 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Wow! Is this my turn? Well, if no one speaks up, I guess it is!!
So many great comments. You like me. You really do! (Sally fields' Oscar words, all those years ago.)
ML, poetic as always...Sul, I do too. Sammi..I love your name! And I hope you have nails left to go, although with our Paps (YAY!!!), they won't be needed. And Kristin, always Kristin with the so great comments. Piniero as our closer? A thought a month and a half ago has now turned into a nightmare. And BFW, your son (and you) had such a great baseball time. He's a lucky guy to have you as his Dad. Mazel Tov!!!! L'Cahim, shalom, aloha, hello, whatever fits. Those are the times you BOTH will remember. Forever. I so hope.
And thank you're the bestest. And I'm lucky!!!

At 4/09/2007 5:42 PM, Blogger Fenway Blogger said...

On a warmer night Manny had two homers also. His power and Big Papi's = wins!

At 4/09/2007 11:02 PM, Blogger Katiee said...

i was going to cut Piniero if we lost that game
buuuuuut Paps is amazing so we didn't
and so is Papi and Schill

At 4/10/2007 7:07 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Sammi2u....which one are you in that great pic?? Just curious, as we get ready for the home opener, and the ceremony for the '67 Impossible Dream team preceding. Thanks, Peter


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