Saturday, April 07, 2007

Tejeda Tames Sox

High fastballs, a ton of them. And with a stiff wind blowing in, scoring runs was going to be tough yesterday afternoon in Arlington Texas. And it was. Tejeda pounded the strike zone with high fastballs all afternoon long, and the Sox kept getting under the ball, swinging way too early and often, resulting in fly ball after fly ball. The strategy worked as Tejeda only gave up 2 hits in his seven innings of work. Tim Wakefield was almost as good, allowing 3 hits and 2 runs, 1 earned, in his six innings of work. The Darkman and Kyle Snyder continued the great bullpen work the Sox have been getting so far this season, but the damage had already been done in the first and second innings against Timmy as the Rangers pulled out a 2-0 victory. Tejada was too tough and too much "in the zone." And that zone, as I said earlier, was in the upper regions of the strike zone. One after another....repeat for 7 innings. And then, it was over. But we have to feel good about the way Wakes pitched. Read this, from the Globe, and I linked the entire article. Including video! Just click this post's title. It seems our Timmy was NASTY......good nasty. But the bats......

"I've never seen Wakefield that tough before," said Rangers shortstop Michael Young. "That was ridiculous. Today's game, you throw out the window.
"I mean, that's not even baseball you're playing out there. You're trying to play Wiffle ball. Seriously. I wanted to turn around to [Doug] Mirabelli and ask him how the hell he was catching those balls. I'm missing them, and he's catching them."

Thank you Dougie! And I feel good about this team and its pitching. The shoes of hitting will return to us, and return quickly. That I feel comfortable promising you. I'm not a fortune teller, but it obvious to me....this team WILL HIT. Bigtime. What do you think? Inquiring minds (mine) want to know.
So the Red Sox are 2-2 with 2 to play on this early spring road trip. Winning these last 2 would be nice. Julian Tavarez goes against 0-1 Kevin Millwood tonight at 8pm. There is a 50% chance of rain or snow at gametime.
What have I seen so far this young season? Except for Curt Schilling, great pitching from the guys in the rotation and the bullpen. A refreshing change which I hope is a season long trend. If so, the Boston Red Sox will be fine. Just fine. Have fun this holiday weekend. And be well. You and yours. Oh, and notice the temperature right now as I ask you this question. It's in that box on the right side of the screen, the one that says NBC30 Weather. Click on that anytime for everything weather. Just go to the WVIT weather desk. Here's my question, as I leave you for now. Isn't it almost the start of the second week of April? Something called spring? With lows in the low 20s F. every morning for the next six or seven days, I'm so confused. And we all know that baseball is on the way to our Fenway this coming Tuesday. So smile, and let's win these next Texas 2!!!! With sweaters or not, the Boston Red Sox always warm my heart. And that's the best place there is. For me.


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