Monday, April 16, 2007

Yes, We Have No Baseball

I don't see how it's possible. For many reasons. One, the storm, which now at 7am is located in the western portion of Long Island Sound, isn't moving. Bands of rain will continue to circulate around the storm system through Connecticut and eastern Mass. Including Boston's fabled Fenway. Look for yourself. The latest radar is again linked to the title of this post. Take a look right now, and then come back here. I'll wait. Do do do dah dah doo doo, oh, you're back. You see what I mean? And the amount of water that fell on the field last night HAD to leave it in bad shape. A 10am start. Impossible.
But look on the bright side.....we're in first place, our top three pitchers are lined up for the Yankee series, and the Yanks rotation is a disaster, wounded deeply and in tatters. Our club is rested. It's up to Toronto and it's sheltering dome. If you didn't check the radar earlier, do it now. And you make the call. Stranger things have no way has the game been called. As I type this, it's only 6:56am. But with a 10am start, it'll be tough. But remember, it's only a little after 6:30am. Check back after 8am.


And now, it's nearing 8am! I've looked at the radar periodically. Just click on this post's title and look for yourself. It's animation radar, so give it 10 seconds to load. The radar? It looks better and better by the moment, as long as the field is draining well. A huge dry slot had developed over most of the southern half of Connecticut, and that same dry slot might envelope Boston, BEFORE 10. Do miracles happen? I wouldn't call this a miracle, but the Sox brass want to get this one in. Not only because it's Patriot's Day, but because the Sox and the Angels only play a certain amount of games at each other's parks. So I have a feeling that my earlier "no way, no how" forecast of NO baseball might have been wrong. NESN at 8:30. Their pre-game coverage begins. And we will learn all. Hey, with Josh Beckett going, we Sox fans want this game to be played! 7-4 is sweeter than 6-4. Keep your eye on the radar by clicking on the title, and the official news will be here.......somewhere, a little later. If and when.
I like our team. I like our team a lot. And with Josh Baseball pitching, all the better. So bring it on, if it's safe for the players. Happy Patriot's Day. Be careful out there.

***********Another Update***************

It's 8:32, and there IS a rain delay. But if the field has drained and with the radar clearing out, there's a good chance for baseball. The game is now scheduled for the first pitch at 12:05. We'll see. And remember, with Josh going, we WANT to see this game. And he'll be on track for his important start on Saturday, against you-know-who. THAT IS VITAL! I'll keep my eye on the radar as the minutes tick slowly towards noon. And you can too by clicking on the title. We'll wait it out. Together!


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