Thursday, May 24, 2007

CURTAINS, But Just For A Night!

Is something wrong with Curt Schilling? Ever since he criticised Barry Bonds earlier this month, he is winless. And that's exactly the way his pitching has looked. Take last night, for example. No, I really mean, TAKE IT! His velocity wasn't there and the New York Yankees pounced on him, tearing him limb from limb while scoring 6 runs in the first 4 innings. He lasted a total of 6 innings, giving up 12 hits (12!!). This is from the Courant and further illuminates his troubles........

"It is rare when Curt Schilling, known for his pinpoint control, has trouble with the location of his fastball.
When he couldn't spot it consistently Wednesday, the Yankees made him pay - early and dearly.
There was a fastball to Hideki Matsui that was supposed to be down and away that went up and away. There was another pitch to Doug Mientkiewicz that was supposed to be away.
That one went up, up and away.
"I don't think I threw any real good pitches that got hit," Schilling said. "I think most of the hits were I made mistakes and they hammered them."
Some were well-hit and a few well-placed in an 8-3 loss as Schilling turned in his worst outing of the season in the rubber game of the series.
It's amazing he lasted six innings."

Peter here, and he DID last 6 innings because the guy is a bulldog who will never give up on his team or himself. Admirable qualities, but something is clearly wrong. I hope if he's hurting he won't hide it from Tito and the trainers. Maybe this is a 3 game slump? Maybe he'll come back Tuesday and be his old self? We can only hope. I can't tell the future. If I could, I head straight to the Lottery Headquarters and collect my millions. And I'd give my thanks to the state of Connecticut...but back to reality.
In Curt's own words, from the Herald......

“I was consistently inconsistent when I couldn’t afford to be against a lineup where you’ve got to locate,” Schilling said. “We were never in this game because I couldn’t execute."

Peter here. Curt, please execute. Oh, by the way, the Yankees won this game 8-3 and took the series 2-1. They only gained one game on us. They needed more, but I will keep saying this every day....IT'S ONLY MAY! Anything can happen, and knowing the AL East, it probably will.
We're off to Texas for 3, and then Trot Nixon and the Indians come to Fenway for what will be a hero's welcome home. Trot is batting a little better than 50 points higher than JD Drew, by the way, but I fully expect Drew to rebound and bring his average back to near .300. And don't forget this, from the Globe!

"Lefthander Jon Lester is scheduled to pitch for the PawSox tonight in McCoy Stadium in the second start of his rehab."

The Boston Red Sox....31-15 but with some weak points beginning to show. We have to hope Curt will get it together. Josh is healed and ready to go next week. Another great performance by him will calm my frazzled feelings. You see, I love this team, and when small little hints of danger, black spots on a bright horizon, crop up, I get worried. A day off today is a good thing. More on Schill is available by simply clicking on the title. Enjoy your Thursday. And we'll see these same Yankees in 8 days. This time on OUR turf, and with Josh Baseball pitching, too.


At 5/24/2007 10:12 AM, Blogger Michael Leggett said...

I now have a Gregorian Chant version of "Yankees Suck":

It's in Latin with a Brooklyn English translation.

At 5/24/2007 10:59 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Hey Michael...the Yanks have their own road to travel, and we have ours! Be well...Peter

At 5/24/2007 1:22 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

Haha...too bad you can't tell the future Peter!

I think that Curt will bounce back in his next start.

At 5/24/2007 2:41 PM, Blogger KAYLEE said...

I think that curt is just having trouble locating his pitches the last couple of outings.I look for hiom to have a better outing next time out:)I cant wait for beckett to come back:)ahhhh i love summer:)

At 5/25/2007 6:29 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Hi K and K! I sure hope you're right. And I'm sure happy Daiske goes tonight (FRi.)


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