Saturday, May 19, 2007

Daisuke And Mikey...WHAT A PAIR!! Sox Scalp Braves Bigtime

Our Sox are now 29-12. Daisuke Matsuzaka went 8 strong innings and his team, our team, banged out 18 hits in his support. The Atlanta Braves were overmatched and outplayed in every way, at least for game one of this three game series. And with every start, Daisuke has MORE than lived up to all the hype, pro or con...take THAT Yankee writers. Daisuke can make grown baseball players cry in frustration. And Mike Lowell...what can I say? I know...OH WOW!!!!!! Words do not begin to describe Mr. Doubles and his clutchness.
The Boston Red Sox are doing everything right, and their record, which stands at 29-12, proves it. There's more baseball in a little more than 2 hours, and the pitching match-up is a tough one. But for right now, shortly before 5pm EDT, everything RSN is great. I'll have a full wrap-up of this game one as well as game two before you rub your sleep-encrusted eyes open on Sunday morning. Right now we just have to enjoy the best team in baseball. Every day. Home or on the road. At Fenway or on NESN. Television, radio, or just sitting in that hallowed park called Fenway. It doesn't matter!! You see, they're the Boston Red Sox, and they're playing LIGHTS-OUT!
Crack a cold one for me! Or two...........


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