Tuesday, May 08, 2007

TONIGHT, In Toronto, It's Josh Baseball Time

The following blurb is from Mass Live dot com, and the link is there for the clicking. How? This post's title will take you down that yellow brick road to happiness. Lions, tigers and bears. And our Red Sox! Read on....and again, the full article is right here when you click on the title.

"Josh Beckett continues to find his name intertwined with names revered in pitching lore - Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez and Babe Ruth.
In the annals of Boston Red Sox pitching, Beckett already has exceeded Martinez in one special category - most decisions won in a season before losing one.
Pedro's best start with the Red Sox came in 2000, when he went 5-0. He went on to an 18-6 record and his third Cy Young Award.
Tonight at Toronto, Beckett (6-0) has a chance to outdo Clemens, the renowned Rocket who made huge news Sunday when he announced over the Yankee Stadium public-address system that he had agreed to join the Yankees pitching staff."

Peter here. And I have faith when Josh "baseball" Beckett takes the mound. Tonight.....7pm. Can we ALL say 7-0?
And oh, I forgot. Roger who?? Faint memories still reside in my thoughts. He's the guy who is and always will be a two-faced son of a gun. THAT'S HIM. I thought you would remember. And yes, I could have phrased it a little differently. But I didn't. And when "he" thinks he's ready, and he takes the mound for his first start for "that" team, I will unleash my thoughts. PG style. I hope I can do that!! It might be tough.
Our Sox are 20-10........our piece of heaven on earth. For ALL of us. So enjoy, and thanks for being here. And click on that title....the Josh article made ME smile! You will too!


At 5/08/2007 3:28 PM, Blogger Lynsey said...

Hi Peter! You big red sox geek you! :-) How are you? Busy writing I see...thanks for the awesome comment this morning! You're too, too kind. Supermom? Not so sure about that just yet!

At 5/08/2007 8:31 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Hi Lyns......geek? Maybe not......SuperMom? Well....time will tell...I have faith....Peter


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